Martyn and Sea Spell in Plymouth Sound, Devon.

A view from the Pandora Inn, Restronguet Creek, Cornwall.

Sea Spell at home in Falmouth Marina, Cornwall.

Early Morning view from Sea Spell on the River Realm, Newton Ferrers, Devon.

Sea Spell in Falmouth Marina, Cornwall

Cutting Edge Bright Spark

IMG_0981When it comes to kitting out a small boat, a cleverly designed product can be quite advantageous. One smart product is the Light My Fire FireKnife made by Mora of Sweden.

The problem on small boats is lack of space and a damp environment, this raises a couple of issues. Firstly where do you keep a sharp fixed blade knife and secondly, lighting the stove can be problematic if your matches are damp or you’ve run out of fuel in your lighter.

From personal experience, a standard household kitchen knife is not a practical item on a small vessel. Boats will move to the motion of the ocean, anything not secured can be thrown about quite easily and unprotected sharp objects like a normal kitchen knife are accidents waiting to happen.

What makes one product stand out from another is the additional benefits over its competition. The Light My Fire FireKnife does what most knives do, ‘cut things’. However it has additional benefits which separate it from the competition.

The FireKnife is a compact practical sized knife for the needs of a small boat. It is light in weight and easy to grip wet or dry. There’s a fire steel with a lanyard housed in the knifes handle which locks in place with a twist action. The fire steel gives off sparks when stroked by the blunt side of the knifes blade. The sparks are powerful enough to light a campfire, gas ring or alcohol pot stove, even when the fire steel is wet. Both knife and sheath can be easily cleaned, the sheaf has a cleaver integral attachment clip and drip hole.

On the hygiene side of things, an easily cleaned knife where the sheath protects the blade, but does not come into contact with, is far more hygienic than any other arrangement.


Lite My Fire FireKnife

The Technical Stuff

Flexible and sturdy profile-grounded blade.

Protective sheath with clip and drain hole.

High-friction rubber handle.

Includes an original Swedish FireSteel® with lanyard.

Lights campfires, gas-stoves and alcohol burners.

Works equally well when wet or dry.

Predictable performance at all altitudes.

Produces a 2,980°C (5,400°F) spark.

The blade is made of: Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel

The handle grip handle is: TPE rubber material

The Swedish FireSteel® is : magnesium alloy

Overall size is: 225x45x38mm

Weight: 94 g.



For sometime this great product has been on my kit list, I was so surprised to find a red one in my Christmas stocking.

See video from Lite My Fire on YouTube for further information:

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