OMAHLY sailing is all about one man and his little yacht and keeping sailing simple, affordable and fun. It’s easy to get carried away with dreams of luxury yachts, blue water voyages and tropical anchorages, however, the reality is generally quite different.

OMAHLY is better known as Martyn Parker, ever since holidaying in Devon as a small boy I was enchanted by the sea, sailing and harbour-side characters. From an early age I desired seafaring adventures, over the years various courses and small boats brought a yearning into life. When it comes down to it, you have to be realistic with your nautical goals, budget, time, experience and practicality all come into play. I’ve experienced some of the trials and tribulations most sailors encounter at some point, financial fatigue, engine failure, snarled rigging and heavy weather.


Short term goal is to seek out those hidey-holes where people are scarce and nature is abundant. I fancy trying handline fishing and cooking the catch of the day onboard. 

Long term goal is to achieve a circumnavigation of England, by day sailing wherever possible. Departing from Plymouth and heading west to the Scilly Isles, back to Cornwall and along the North Cornish coast, crossing the Bristol Channel to South Wales. From their sail up the West coast to Scotland and through the Caledonian Canal to Inverness. Taking a starboard turn and heading south down the East coast, finally turning west, back along the South coast to Plymouth.

Whatever you do in life, its nice to have something to remind you of your endeavours, be it photos, video or writing. I intend to create a video diary, something to look back on in later life. 


Dylan Winter


As a young boy I was fascinated by the events which lead to the mutiny onboard HMS Bounty in 1789. After the mutiny Captain William Bligh undertook an epic voyage of 3,618 nautical miles in a twenty-three foot open boat. What inspired me was what could be achieved with a small boat, determination and not much else.

More recent inspiration comes from Dylan Winter, a guy currently circumnavigating the UK in a small yacht and detailing his endevours on his website www.keepturningleft.co.uk  he’s inspired me, to do my own thing. 




Seeking an affordable small seaworthy vessel with strength and simplicity at its heart. A vessel which can be sailed single handed with the benefit of basic domestic arrangements. Selecting any kit for a vessel is no easy task, deciding what’s essential and what’s not is crucial, space, weight, safety and practicality are all major considerations.

Living in Mid Devon Plymouth would be a sensible place to be moored. Going Westward is Fowey, Falmouth, Penzance and the Scilly Isles and to the East is Salcombe, Dartmouth, Brixham, Weymouth and the Isle of Wight