Martyn and Sea Spell in Plymouth Sound, Devon.

A view from the Pandora Inn, Restronguet Creek, Cornwall.

Sea Spell at home in Falmouth Marina, Cornwall.

Early Morning view from Sea Spell on the River Realm, Newton Ferrers, Devon.

Sea Spell in Falmouth Marina, Cornwall

Dangling For Dinner

I 0142 (1996)What do you do in a little boat other than bobbing up and down on the ocean swells going nowhere slowly at great expense? Well, you could try Sea Fishing

During the time of Sea Spell a British Hunter 21, one activity enjoyed was dangling a line over the side and seeing if any fish could be caught, see photo. I and the rest of the crew didn’t have much of a clue, however fish were caught which was more luck than anything else. Once caught, no one had much of a clue what they were or what to do with them in the culinary sense.

I felt it a good idea to learn a little more on the art of sea fishing and the concept of potential free food, I wanted to know how to catch and identify the fish but also prepare and cook what didn’t get away. Having undertaken some research I came across this little book; River Cottage Handbook Number 6, Sea Fishing by Nick Fisher, on the Amazon website.

There are so many books on the market, however most tended to specialise in either fishing or cooking or on some exotic fish to be found in the Pacific Ocean, but didn’t combine what I was looking for. I was seeking an all in one simple guide to what could be caught from the seas surrounding Devon and Cornwall and a how to guide on preparing and cooking the catch whilst utilising the minimum of tackle.

IMG_0986This little gem of a book covers the following:

My Fishing Mission – When to Go Fishing – Where to Go Fishing – Fish You Might Catch

Tackle and Kit – Bait – Fishing Skills – Fish Preparation Skills – Cooking Fish

If you’re an experienced fisherman or a top-notch chef then this book may not be good value for you. However if you don’t have any knowledge on the subject and you want to be able to fish using the basics and identify your catch, prepare and cook it, then this book is a worthwhile investment.



Remember, small boats have very little room, so whatever you take or keep onboard has to earn its keep. A hand line and a few lures takes no space at all and can be stowed in a smallest of lockers, however a six-foot sea rod becomes a bunk buddy.

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