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IMG_0843Messing about in boats is not just about navigating from one anchorage to another or endless maintenance, it’s all the other things we do in between like fishing, socialising and cooking.  

We don’t tend to get that excited about cooking our everyday meals at home, however, give someone a camping stove, BBQ or campfire and things seem to change for some strange reason. 

The great advantage with a small boat is you tend to be a costal hugging day sailor, never far from some kind of grocery outlet. Therefore you don’t need to plan for weeks at sea, just one or two days.

With a few everyday ingredients kept onboard coupled with fresh supplies either caught or purchased, your ready to create. So what can you cook on a one burner camping stove, simple BBQ or campfire? Try some of these below, I’ve tested them all. 

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Hearty, Simple and Tasty Breakfasts

One of the easiest foods to store on a small boat is the Egg, couple this with a few other ingredients and hay presto you have a tasty meal. 

Version 2Canadian Pancakes 


Archaeological evidence suggests that pancakes are probably the earliest and most widespread cereal food eaten in prehistoric societies. 



Scrambled Eggs (coming soon) 


It seems to be the Ancient Romans were the earliest recorded people to scramble eggs, according to a fourteenth century Italian book ‘Libro della cucina’. 


Spanish Omelette (coming soon)



Tantalising Lunches 

Pocket Pizza (coming Soon) 

Warm Spiced Chicken Salad (coming soon)

Gourmet Dinners  

Moroccan Chicken (coming soon)

Mexican Chilli (coming soon)

Indian Curry (coming soon)

Hungarian Goulash (coming soon) 

Italian Mushroom Risotto (coming soon)


Bannock (coming soon)

Potato Salad (coming soon)

Crushed Vegetable Surprise (coming soon)


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