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I’m Salty, Martyn’s best friend, or as he likes to be known; Captain. Before he came into my life, I was an orphan. I love making friends, they hold a special place in my heart. My favourite thing is food, anything from a tasty bone to international cuisine.

I enjoy adventures with my friends, I love travelling, exploring and cultivating friends all over the world. Currently I’m writing about my life through a series of short stories. Visit my website saltyandfriends.com for my Books, Merchandise, Leaning Packs, Colouring Pictures. If you wish you can even email me at info@saltyandfriends.com  Come visit me on my Facebook page, you can even visit my friend Martyn’s Facebook page. 




Lost and Found 

The first book in the series about a loveable dog and knowledgeable old man of the sea. It tells about how they came to meet and their first excursion. 


The Great Escape 

The second book in the series about a daring escape and moral dilemma. 


Lost At Sea 

The third book in the series about team work. 


Vanishing Biscuits 

The fourth book in the series about Captains amazing biscuits. 


About the Author


Martyn A Parker

Ever since holidaying in Devon as a small boy. Martyn has been enchanted by the sea, sailing and harbour-side characters. The inspiration to write and set up Salty and Friends came from those childhood experiences. Martyn moved to Devon from landlocked Middle England in the late 1980’s. 




All Salty and Friends illustrations are lovingly drawn and painted by Devon artists Gary and Tess Challenger. 

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  1. Calum says:

    i think your book is crap

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